Sunne Box

SUNNE™ BOX is the perfect solution for an outdoor dinner party. The warmth of the base provides a pleasant environment for you and your guests. The table is an eye-catcher in every outdoor establishment, including restaurants, cafes and pubs, and is sure to attract new customers.

• Height: 730 mm
• Weight: 11,75 kg
• Voltage: 230V 6A
• Wattage: 1.3 kW/hour
• Element Type: Linear Short-Wave
• Control: On/Off or Dimmer or Remote
• Colour: Black (Standart) or Custom Colour by a RAL Code
• Built-in Plug: Optional
• Pattern: Standart or Custom Design
• Custom Logo Application: Optional

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Standart, Custom


On/Off, Dimmer, Remote

Built-in Plug

Yes, No


Standart, Custom

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